Thursday, September 01, 2005

SCULPTURES- three of wood, and a stoneware fountain

"Faces" is the short name for this one. It is made of two mahogany planks. All pieces are moveable, making many combinations, or "relationships" possible. Another name for this piece is "Is it really you?". I used a sabre saw to cut the outlines, did lots of filing to round the edges, and lots of sanding, ending with 600 grit paper. It feels lovely.

Another piece I finished the end of October 2005 is called "Of Two Minds". I started with a 14" wide oak board (36" long) and cut out a profile of a man's face. I wanted to use a continuous line to show his cheekbone, eye area, and nose; this resulted in sort of a jarring area when I first sketched the design. However, it interested me enough to want to see it created, so I went ahead and made it. The panels are mounted on a cork background, but are floating above it by means of 3/4 inch spacers. The first picture shows it hung in the Grossman Gallery in Lompoc CA during a show in November 05. The second picture is the image I will use if I make prints or cards.
A few people have professed to like the piece, but I can tell most do not, or just find the contrast of positive and negative spaces interesting. Anyway, at least I picked a good title for it!

The mahogany sculpture below can be oriented any direction. I've usually hung it vertically. I'm always interested in the tension between positive and negative spaces. Size is about 42x24".

No, it's not a pile of rocks! A friend asked me to make a fountain for her, "something naturalistic". This is what I saw in my mind's eye; this piece actually turned out very much like I envisioned it. The "cliff" part is separate, and the tube for the pump goes up inside it, and water flows down the front. Did I say it it's all ceramic? ...even the little stones. To get rocky looking glazes, I added barnard clay to some brownish or greenish glazes, and quite a bit of alumina to be sure they weren't shiny. The 2 black boulders in front are shiny anyway, but the rest of them look about right. The thing is about 19 inches across, and yes, HEAVY. It is set up and working at my friends house. I should replace this photo with one showing the water.