Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Here are 3 pairs of tumblers, for wine or whatever, from the glaze firing I did  September 2nd.

This is made from a pressmold; it's about 9" in diameter. It's a buff-firing clay, with several glazes poured thickly in the outer part. I let the first layer dry and crack, then add more. ...never know just how the blend will turn out.

Here is another batch of oyster shells for barbecuing oysters. I wedge extra grog and some kyanite into the clay, and so far they seem to withstand the stress of the heat-according to my friends who actually use them.

This style of pots is not really what I'm thrilled to make, but every so often I do it anyway-can't say why. My favorite part on these is the effect of the high iron slip under the creme glaze. 

...and here is a tureen, 10" high. The flowers are thrown and I used white slip on the buff clay..

This is a 10 inch bowl. Same buff clay.