Monday, October 15, 2012

I did a glaze firing on October 11-wanted some new things to take to a craft show on the 13th.

The blue piece has a pedestal. the green thing is for napkins or letters.

These are about 9 and 11 inches in diameter. The flowers are applied....making a bit of work with wax resist when glazing.

These were fun to make.  I mixed two glazes together to get the color, and came out lucky.

You can see my copper carb solution was too weak on the holly leaves.  I may refire them.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Here are 3 pairs of tumblers, for wine or whatever, from the glaze firing I did  September 2nd.

This is made from a pressmold; it's about 9" in diameter. It's a buff-firing clay, with several glazes poured thickly in the outer part. I let the first layer dry and crack, then add more. ...never know just how the blend will turn out.

Here is another batch of oyster shells for barbecuing oysters. I wedge extra grog and some kyanite into the clay, and so far they seem to withstand the stress of the heat-according to my friends who actually use them.

This style of pots is not really what I'm thrilled to make, but every so often I do it anyway-can't say why. My favorite part on these is the effect of the high iron slip under the creme glaze. 

...and here is a tureen, 10" high. The flowers are thrown and I used white slip on the buff clay..

This is a 10 inch bowl. Same buff clay.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here are the pots from my recent stoneware glaze firing, except for one which has to be re-fired. The pierced bowl is 12 inches in diameter at it's widest point.

This is a 13" platter, and Yes, it's that blurry- maybe someone will like the soft effect.

Just a little vase, or a 2-handled cup...

...a 10 and 1/2" pie plate shape

The pitcher is just over 8 inches high.

The bottles have Death Valley clay slip under the glaze.

I mixed a new batch of yellow glaze and it turned out fine. The blue is one of the brighter ones I have.

8" bowls, and deep enough for a big salad.

Same blue as the cup, but the fog had lifted, as you can tell by the lighter color of my background, so some of the intensity of the blue changed too.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our show opened on June 10, in the Centano Gallery at the Lompoc Museum. It will be on display for 2 months.
Here are some pictures I took the day of the reception

L to R: works by Eric Morlan, Carol Moore, Peggy Kizziah

by Carol Moore, Ann Brink (my collage is interactive; several pieces can slide on steel rods

by Dee Frasher

by Ron Barrows

by Dee Frasher

Double walled vessel, and basket w/ copper tubing handle, by Ann Brink

by Eric Morlan

Top to Bottom: pieces by Noreen LaPointe, Ann Brink,  Ed Brooks

Mobile by Carol Moore

by Ed Brooks and vases by Noreen LaPointe

Stone carvings by Ken Jorgensen

by Dee Frasher

by Ann Brink

by Ann Brink

by Eric Morlan and Ken Jorgensen

by Noreen LaPointe

by Carol Moore
by Dee Frasher

by Dee Frasher

by Ed Brooks

by Carol Moore

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Here are 3 views of an interactive collage I finished last week.  It is part of a show at the gallery downstairs at the Lompoc Museum. The show is the work of the Lompoc Sculptors Guild, and will continue for two months.
Anyway, the collage is 22" x32", and has two moveable pieces mounted on steel rods. I call it "There's Always More".

 I ended up making a copper handle for this basket, instead of the branch one, pictured earlier.
 Here is the final version of the bells, with mallets, on the stand I made.