Tuesday, August 08, 2006

These were made in June for the Arts & Crafts show the last weekend in June (Flower Festival). Was too busy to post them earlier. People especially liked the large platters.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Second attempt at getting several photos where I want them-looks like the solution is to open another post....anyway this is a tabletop I made for an old rusty base I like. There was a small wooden top on the table and this "dish" just fits over it and is glued with silicone. The spots you see are volcanic ash.These two bottles were made of rolled slabs with thrown tops. Before I added the tops I rolled the cylinders in what I am calling my "Tray of Surprises"...consisting this time of bisqued glaze bits, and dried glaze chips of varied colors. After the bottles were assembled I brushed some glaze over everything. The one on the right is definitely more successful, IMO.
Here is an 8" bowl with iron red glaze, cone 7 oxidation. Note the chatter marks.
August 7, 2006--some pots from recent glaze firing: I see I last wrote here in May! That doesn't mean I didn't make lots of pots meanwhile (and sold quite a few at the Lompoc Flower Festival the end of June)

This coffeepot and the one following will hold two quarts; the friend who ordered it said "Make it big!". This one is 8" high.

The height of this one is 9".The vase is 9" high.
These teacups were made to match a teapot someone bought last month. They have an iron red glaze-oxidation fired-cone 7.
Same glaze as the coffee pots- about 9" diam.