Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These two necklaces feature scales from a redfish! (red drum) Our friend in Houston sent them to me a while ago, and I just recently finally figured out a design that works well, I think. I'll make more if he sends more scales. They are not brittle, but tough like a fingernail- I noticed this when drilling the holes.

The series of pictures following are of works by the Lompoc Sculptors Guild. We have a show at the Grossman Gallery in Lompoc, during September.

A work in metal, by Ron Barrows

Noreen LaPointe made this ceramic piece.

These two are also by Noreen LaPointe

Small tiles by Noreen LaPointe, other one by Dee Frasher

Noreen did the tiles & sculpture on the left, Carol S. Moore created the shrunken wool fantasy pieces in the middle, and the ceramic basket with weaving is by Dee Frasher.

Noreen LaPointe's clay dragon and dog, Dee Frasher's four pieces

A bas-relief by Peggy Kizziah.

From top left, clockwise: an aluminum sculpture by Eric Morlan, a welded metal piece by Ron Barrows, a bisque sculpture by Peggy Kizziah, and a stoneware bowl-mine.

Our show is named "Art in the Making", and the idea was to show process as well as finished product. Here Eric Morlan shows the maquette he made in planning this aluminum sculpture.

Two pieces by Dee Frasher, and another knitted creature by Carol S. Moore.

A ceramic grouping by Dee Frasher, and a work in progress by Eric Morlan, with maquette.

This is Dee Frashers explanatory panel showing the process of her work with gourds.

Dee Frasher, Carol S. Moore, and Noreen LaPointe

a styrofoam (mostly) piece by Carol S. Moore, and a 13" tile with purple shapes, by me. (it looked better raw, before glazing and firing, haha!)

My large platter, pictured in an earlier post.

This altered disc is alson on a 12" tile.