Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I unloaded these pieces today. This bowl is about 15 inches across. Notice the labor intensive pick-pick carving on the rim! The impressed places were done with a peach pit, or stone, whichever you call it. Finished diameter is 15.5 "
The decoration is Death Valley Clay (from Laguna) used as slip. I also used it on the platter above, when leather hard. It turns black under my creme glaze.

These are each about 8" in diameter.

The yellow bottle is 6" tall. The black pot without a neck HAD a neck, until my elbow hit it while glazing other stuff, and it fell on the floor and broke raggedly. I took a pair of pliers and broke the bisque until almost to the body of it, then took it over to my husband's bench grinder and shaped the top...good save, eh?