Friday, August 26, 2011

Here is a quickie image of how I use the glazing tools pictured earlier in this post. (Pretend there is glaze in the metal pan). I dip the bowl into the glaze and turn until it's all the way around, then quickly scoop some glaze to cover the inside bottom, and pour it out. Then hold the bowl upside down for a minute and blot

Pictured below are my glazing tools, in 3 sizes. These tools are useful if I am glazing a piece that I want to rotate around in a pan of glaze. One of my hands is on the waxed bottom of the plate or bowl, and the other inside, on top of one these things, which leave only 3 small marks, instead of finger marks in the wet glaze. The "CD" tool is pictured upside down so you can see the bolts I used. The red tool is actually one I designed first, and my husband made it for me, welding the parts together. The wooden ball is attached to a short piece of dowel, and rotates nicely in the tube, as you turn the pot. I think I got it from a sewing supply store-in the purse-making craft section.