Thursday, April 30, 2009

I made buttons...rolled a thin slab, punched the circles with brass tubes of varied sizes, then impressed them with a seed pod I have here. The larger ones are an inch and an eighth in size, and the smaller ones are about 7/8ths of an inch. The backs are not glazed, but are sanded smooth.

Friday, April 03, 2009

These pots are from the stoneware glaze firing I did March 28th. Below is a small bottle almost 6" high. Eight inch diameter; Idaho 2 glaze on exterior.

About 13 inches in diameter-can't measure it now-it's in the local gallery for the Spring Art Show.

This is a small dish, 5 inches. Glaze is Idaho 1, with white added.

I made these for a friend, for her kitchen. She will use a demitasse spoon with the Salt Pig.

I really like this set....even if it's true that you don't find mugs and saucers together, as a friend pointed out to me. I still think it's handy to have a place to put your teaspoon, etc, even if one is drinking out of a mug. The underglaze decoration is Death Valley clay slip, (Laguna).

I think I posted a picture of these when they were bisqued, last fall. The exteriors are Idaho 2. I love the subtle range of shades this clay slip has.

The bowl on the left has survived it's 3rd glaze firing, always to fix some little thing. I would say it's done now. The other one is the blue/Idaho 2 combo again.