Sunday, May 17, 2020

Pots from the fall of 2019

These pots are from a firing in September of last year.

Also from September 2019

Pots from fall of 2019

I tried a different handle style- shaped wet loops of clay and attached after they had set up a bit
A vase and a pitcher, about 6" in height .  These two pieces and the celadon vase below turned out rather heavy; I was a little out of practice after not throwing for a long time.

Some of this bowl's color comes from adding some hurricane Harvey clay to my white stoneware body. It is 9" across.
vase, about 6" high

The handle on the center one is made by cutting a strip from the top and flipping it to the side.

Here are a few views of my studio here in Oregon. This one was taken from the south entrance to the garage. The door at the right opens to the kitchen
Here is my wheel and a ware rack, across from the  previous picture.

Lookig south from the kitchen. The table is 8 ft. long, but it looks longer!

The north wall of the garage came with cabinets, which came in handy for storing some of my pottery supplies. Boxes under them are just things we are storing.

NOTE: A lot has happened in my life since my last posting in 2017, which made me suspend posting to this blog. My husband of almost 60 years, Bill Brink, died in March of 2016.  I did make a posting about pottery after that, but wasn't ready to mention Bill's passing. In May of 2018 I, along with my oldest daughter, moved to Oregon in order to be near my other daughter and her family. During the summer of 2019 I was able to set up my studio, and purchased a kiln.  I hope to post some of my new work shortly.