Saturday, September 17, 2011

Below are some pots from a glaze firing earlier this month. There were 2 of these birdbaths in the firing- both sold at the studio tour on Sept. 10. ..guess I will make more of these. It's a dark green glaze on buff stoneware, with white and cobalt applied for variation. The tallest bell is almost 11" high. This picture was taken before I installed the clappers, which are beads at the end of a chain. The chain is secured by a bead at the top of the handle.

This one is about 9x9 and a half inches. It doesn't have a clapper, but will be struck with a mallet. It has a nice tone.

I made two of this smaller size, also without clappers. Their tone is somewhat higher pitched than the larger one.

The larger bowls are about 6" in diameter.

This was fun to do...

Misc. stuff. Am not sure how I'll use the beads. They are thrown on the wheel. The blue dish on the right will get a handle- maybe bent pussy-willow branch.

...two 7" bowls.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Here is a quickie image of how I use the glazing tools pictured earlier in this post. (Pretend there is glaze in the metal pan). I dip the bowl into the glaze and turn until it's all the way around, then quickly scoop some glaze to cover the inside bottom, and pour it out. Then hold the bowl upside down for a minute and blot

Pictured below are my glazing tools, in 3 sizes. These tools are useful if I am glazing a piece that I want to rotate around in a pan of glaze. One of my hands is on the waxed bottom of the plate or bowl, and the other inside, on top of one these things, which leave only 3 small marks, instead of finger marks in the wet glaze. The "CD" tool is pictured upside down so you can see the bolts I used. The red tool is actually one I designed first, and my husband made it for me, welding the parts together. The wooden ball is attached to a short piece of dowel, and rotates nicely in the tube, as you turn the pot. I think I got it from a sewing supply store-in the purse-making craft section.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I did several firings during the end of June 2011, stocking up for the Arts/Crafts show at the Flower Festival. I also had quite a few pots on hand. Sales were good and it was good to see people I know, and customers from previous years.

This is an individual snack plate.

Misc. dipping dishes, etc.

Med. size serving bowl-deep green.

One day I was tired of round pots...this one is about a foot wide.

This pot is about 8" wide. Had fun carving. Next time want to plan better so as not to have the white unglazed line showing. (It sold, though; somebody liked it)

Salad bowl, about 11" diam.

These match bowl above.

A perfect plate for cookies, about 10" across.

Earthenware, thrown as a disc first, then shaped. 12 "

Individual snack plates

The small dish at upper right was made by cutting a bottle in half, and joining the parts.

This was fun! Cut in half and re-joined.

a cookie server

I left the tops unglazed and high fired them, then put low fire glaze on the tops and re-fired.

This is a refired earthenware plate.

Stoneware, about 13"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I did a glaze firing a few days ago, so here are the results: The pot below is 13" tall. I need to think of a name for it, as I will enter it in a show tomorrow. That would be the Cypress Gallery Spring Show, a judged show. The bowl is about 9" in diameter.
I like the top view of this pitcher.
I got a fair iron red on this pitcher, but still not quite what I was hoping for.
These were made for the local Empty Bowls charity event.
Six porcelain cups. I made them quite thin and light....good thing, as they hold 12 oz. Not sure why I made them so large. My favorite cup for coffee only holds 8 oz.
Fun arranging cups...
These are 4" plates, for dipping sauces, or ? I like 3 of them, the other two not so much.
The impressions on the larger bowl are made by using the edge of a peach pit.

Monday, March 21, 2011

This is an earthenware pot, with base, that I fired last fall. Actually had to refire it because the black stain was uneven and streaky. The reddish area is bare clay, waxed before glazing. It is 13 inches high overall. Here is the other side...

Here are a few high fired stoneware pots from last fall. They were in with some larger pieces which I photographed and posted earlier.