Friday, February 09, 2007

Here is a stoneware platter, 12" diameter, which is finally presentable after multiple firings: First-bisque, of course, then a glaze firing (no leaves) after which it was fine except for an obvious small flaw, a tiny hole where something organic must have burned out of the clay, but your eye went right to it. I refired it with more glaze over the interior but the flaw was still apparent. So in my latest firing which was a mixture of stoneware bisque and glazed earthenware, I added some leaves using lowfire glaze with copper carb. and RIO brushwork. Also made some repetitive marks on the border to add interest. I think there is a "before" picture in a post from Dec. 06.

This is a small pot, about 6" diameter, of earthenware, with impressions made by the edge of one of my favorite tools, a peach pit. The small round impressions are from a eucalyptus seed pod. This bowl is 14 inches across. It matches a set of small bowls shown in an earlier post.