Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Below are the pots from a ^7 ox. stoneware firing- the last firing before Flower Festival this weekend. Fog ALL DAY is forecasted for Friday- hope the other two days will be warmer. Plus I like sunlight on my pots. This is an 8" little plate. This is a 14" platter. It is so muted in color because of refired several times to get rid of little faults. It's finally ok.

This is a 12" platter.

about 8 "

...a 10" plate

I played around with colored inlay for these two trays.

...a nine" bowl

about 9"

This one is 10" in diameter

...trying different shapes of mugs

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The pots below are from my earthenware firing last weekend. The Arts/Crafts show at the local annual Flower Festival is coming up June 24, so I talked myself into doing overglaze brushing of flowers on this load of pots. I did spark up my blue glaze by adding cobalt, and am happy with it. I added some superpax to this glaze that had only a small amount of copper for colorant, and got a light blue that looks like paint. It will sell.