Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm trying a new style of handle on my cups (new for me). I noticed that sometimes my thumb started to slide of the top of a normal rounded handle so am trying a horizontal top for a change. There is also a eucalyptus seed imprint on the top. I think of these handles as "elf-ears" instead of the rounded ear shape of most handles. The negative space is what I'm talking about here-it also looks leaf-shaped. The cup on the left comes nearest to the look I want. (yes, I see the top of the right cup is skewed- a fault since it's not on a tea bowl, eh) This 10-inch heart shaped dish was pink and had some glaze faults so I refired it. Those refires can be interesting! I didn't expect to make a "broken" heart...

This bowl is about 7 high and 9 inches wide. I brushed the copper on the leaves on bisque, instead of over glaze.

...a 12" bowl

Here's the comic relief. These were my quick demos when I was entertaining a child who was visiting.

...about nine inches in diameter

ten inches across

An 8" high teapot, glazed in unaltered slip from some clay from Idaho. A wash is applied on the impressions. This is not a great color, so I may try a few alterations in my next high firing.

I call this glaze "Idaho #2"'s also just thinned earthenware clay
. It's very dry-I may do some tests of additions to get a satin. I feel like I should make some rock shapes and use this glaze. The box is 6" in diameter.

Same glaze- the pitcher is 9" high. I'm showing both sides to show the variation in glaze color.

This pot is 7.5" in diameter, with the Idaho#2 on the exterior. The inside color is a blend of several blues I had here.

More of the same...I never liked brown so much before, but I love this glaze.