Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MORE POTS, never a bad thing- these are from a glaze firing this past weekend:
I think a lot of potters play around with this idea- a plate of fake food. I started to type: "a fake plate of food", but realized, hey- it's a real plate. Anyway, I've had some of these components around for a while, and finally decided to try it. Actually it was in my previous firing, but it really needed improvement, so I added a band on the plate, changed the cookie color and tried to improve the green on the peas. Taking the photo in full sunshine helped a lot- it's still not that appetizing.
I will get a hanging lamp kit at the box store, and finish this. It's about a foot in diameter.

This dish as about 7" long. The impressions were made with a round shell that had a hole in the middle- my grandson's found it.

This one is almost 15" wide , 3 inches deep. It's a keeper! (by that, I mean it has something wrong with it, so I'll probably keep it). I had a few test bottles on the shelves above this pot, and some particles jumped off and fell through the crack between the half-shelves. The particles are some big volcanic grit that I had dipped the sides of the bottles in, then fired them "grit up", in case the grit wanted to slide off. I didn't think it would be jumping off! There were about 8 dark specks on one side of the bottom of the bowl. After a little sanding, the area is fairly smooth, but doesn't look good. Am surprised it's hard to see in the picture.

This plate is 12" wide, and actually turned out about the way I hoped it would.

These are some of the bowls (soup size) I made for the "Empty Bowls" charity event. I have some more similiar ones from the previous firing.

Some things from a glaze firing in February:

These are some faux oyster shells for barbecuing oysters. It would never have occurred to me to do this, but a friend asked me to try it...he thought they would be easier to clean than the real shells he was using. I thought they might break, but he tried some test ones I made, and they were fine. I did add grog and kyanite to the stoneware clay body.

Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope it's Valentine's day every day for you!

This bowl is 12" in diameter. It was commissioned as a gift for someone who is getting married on St. Patrick's Day.

I made several bowls with 4-leafed clovers on them, so as to be sure and have a good one. I carved a stamp to use on the bowl below:

Some free-hand clovers on this one.

These are bird-feeders. They fit on a broomstick, or length of pvc. pipe, which you stick in the ground. I made larger versions last year for birdbaths.