Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here are some things from 2 recent glaze firings. This piece below is in a local show having a basket theme. I thought they should have some ceramic baskets as well as woven ones. I had the manzanita branch, and made a base for it. I called it "Basket Tree". The baskets are to be sold separately.
...a low dish, otherwse called a pie plate...

This is my other entry in the Basket Show. A while ago I punched a lot of holes in some pot I was making, and not being able to throw away anything I might be able to use, I saved them, and bisqued them . They worked out all right, braided into the six strands of copper wire, for the handle.

This is about 7 inches wide.

I showed the potatoes earlier in the blog, but here they are in the dish I made for them.

This low bowl is 13 and a half inches in diameter.

A ten inch tall vase. I may reglaze and refire this. ..too pale, too boring.

An iron red glaze that didn't go red. And the designs are a blue glaze- I've used this combo before, but for some reason the blue is just under the surface.

This one is abut 9 inches in diameter

Over 13 inches across.

This is made from a slab press molded onto a bisqued mold made from our jacaranda tree trunk.