Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ah, the day after Christmas!...hope everyone will have a relaxing day after the high-intensity day yesterday.

Here are pictures of two things I made for Christmas gifts...the first, below, is for a friend in Texas who has a place on the coast, where fishing is one of his main activities. This is supposed to be an American shad. It's about 20 inches long. I used a net onion bag for the scale texture. This is what I made for our son for their place near Paso Robles CA. It is made of seven bottomless cylinders, each 7" high. I suggested he put a bead of silicon seal between each one. The post is PVC pipe. I set it up in our back yard to take the picture.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another bowl set similiar to the earlier one, with volcanic ash specks in the glaze. Fired to cone 7. A long-time customer ordered this bowl set as a gift to her niece.

These 6-inch bowls are part of a set, but the large bowl needs to be refired...it didn't get quite enough heat in the firing.
Earthenware bowl- about 11" diameter

Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Oct. 31st pots...for some reason Blogger WOULD NOT accept these last two pictures. So I opened a second post and it's working.This piece is 9" high. I'm calling it a reliquary...a customer wanted to give a rattle to a friend who will be having a baby. She is going to put a few small special items in it, which will rattle. ( I included 3 miniscule porcelain hearts, in case she wants them-the sound is good). She said it didn't have to be standard baby rattle shape, "Use your imagination-surprise me."she said. She also asked me to choose the glaze- just not pastel pink or blue. I told her I would make some holes to let the sound out. So this is what I came up with. It has a rubber stopper inside the foot. BTW, this piece will never be handled by babies (if you are thinking of safety issues( - it's a commemorative piece for the parents.This little pot is 6" high. The picture is crooked-I can replace it later- but look, you can see me crouching with my camera! Yes, my pottery is better than my photography...
OCTOBER 31ST STONEWARE FIRING These tops were thrown off the hump. The low wide ones work the best.
The specks are volcanic material from Alturas CA
Experimenting with handles: when I start making a mug, I first throw a loop which will be the handle. It was used whole on the yellow mug, and cut first on the center one. For the cup on the right, I threw a small column, and cut it off leaving a pad of clay to attach to a quite wet cup. I impressed a pattern to attach the pad.
More thrown loop handles. The glaze is Laguna's "Italian Straw". ..one of the few purchased glazes I have here.
This piece is about 8" wide, by 6" high.
13" wide...the blue glaze is a mixture of misc blues I had here.
Odds 'n ends...I mixed 2 iron reds together, and it's not very red. I should have cooled down a little slower for this one.
about 13"

9" wide-

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oct. 24, 06 earthenware firing: About 7 in. high.

This compote has a 2 inch long firing crack on the inside bottom. Must have had opposing tension where the foot attached. It's a keeper (that means I keep it instead of sell it)

The plate above had pink flowers. They burned away and only the outlining stayed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here is a BUG which showed up the other night on our front porch: It is about an inch and a half long. It's a Jerusalum beetle-don't know it's scientific name. Nice color, eh?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stoneware pots from a September 06 firing:

This little vase is 8" high. It got an "Honorable Mention" in the Fall Show at the Cypress Gallery in Lompoc.
The yellow rose bowl is about 5" across. I combined a high rutile cone 10 glaze with a yellow cone 6-8 glaze and got nice vivid color. Will use this again. These are about 9 and a half inches in diameter, 5 and a half high.
The tray is 17" in length. It has thrown feet, about 1 " high.
Another in my favorite glaze, about 6" diam.
A little over 10" diameter, and about 6 inches high
About 10 diameter. ..and 6 high

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here are several recent earthenware pots:

The low bowl is 12" in diameter.

I show two views of the jar, since the appearance changes a lot as the piece is rotated. The jar was thrown upside down- the "top" shaped into a square, and a slab added. Next day I refined the top and made the lid. Approximate height is 9". (It's not here for me to measure)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

These were made in June for the Arts & Crafts show the last weekend in June (Flower Festival). Was too busy to post them earlier. People especially liked the large platters.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Second attempt at getting several photos where I want them-looks like the solution is to open another post....anyway this is a tabletop I made for an old rusty base I like. There was a small wooden top on the table and this "dish" just fits over it and is glued with silicone. The spots you see are volcanic ash.These two bottles were made of rolled slabs with thrown tops. Before I added the tops I rolled the cylinders in what I am calling my "Tray of Surprises"...consisting this time of bisqued glaze bits, and dried glaze chips of varied colors. After the bottles were assembled I brushed some glaze over everything. The one on the right is definitely more successful, IMO.
Here is an 8" bowl with iron red glaze, cone 7 oxidation. Note the chatter marks.
August 7, 2006--some pots from recent glaze firing: I see I last wrote here in May! That doesn't mean I didn't make lots of pots meanwhile (and sold quite a few at the Lompoc Flower Festival the end of June)

This coffeepot and the one following will hold two quarts; the friend who ordered it said "Make it big!". This one is 8" high.

The height of this one is 9".The vase is 9" high.
These teacups were made to match a teapot someone bought last month. They have an iron red glaze-oxidation fired-cone 7.
Same glaze as the coffee pots- about 9" diam.

Monday, May 29, 2006

^06 earthenware, fired to ^01 (about 2050F)---no problem! I didn't mean to go that hot, but now I know that the clay (Laguna's EM344 w/grog) can take it without deforming, and my glazes were fine too, except on several pots that were on a different clay (Laguna's EM334-Ward's Red). I have a turquoise glaze that was fine on the first clay, but appears to have boiled, leaving craters, on the EM334. These two dishes have a thin wash of clear glaze on the outsides- see how dark the clay got at that temperature. Here are the dishes with the glaze that looks like it bubbled. I will reglaze them and re-fire them. The salsa dish has clear glaze on the exterior. The square dish has no glaze. I combine bisque and glaze-firing at earthenware temps.The same turquoise glaze bubbled on the spoons too, but the blue didn't...it's a different base.
Here is a 10" baking dish. The blue color didn't photograph accurately at all- it's really a colder blue...same with the 13" bowl below.
This 15" platter had Mason blackberry brushwork on the flowers...all gone, too hot. Good thing I outlined with cobalt.
Again, this blue photographed more "electric" than it really is. I can send a color-corrected version if anyone asks.

This platter is about 14" across. Everything got soft and subltle at this temperature.
You can see chatter marks on the interior of this bowl. I don't normally do any trimming on interiors, but did this for the textured effect.