Sunday, November 03, 2013

Earthenware firing 9/13

These pots are from an earthenware glaze firing at the end of September; I am slow in getting pictures posted. This pot is about 10" high

I call this "A Nod to India", because I used carved wooden blocks from India to make the impressions in this oval platter. The original use for the blocks was to stamp patterns on fabric. The dish is 18" long.
5.5" x 10"
...kind of boring, may refire

I picked up the stand at Goodwill-

These fall into the category o "Novelty Exercises" The spherical parts are smaller than a tennis ball, and each have a hollow ball inside them.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

These pieces were in a glaze firing a few weeks ago.
The plates are about 7" and 9", stoneware

The platter is almost 14" in diameter. I took away the severity of the stripes by brushing even strokes of a fluxing mixture on the rim before doing the striping with iron oxide and copper carbonate.

These are small, 3" and under

 The impressions you see are made by hand-carved wooden printing blocks from India.  The were made to be used in printing designs on fabric. The platter is 13 and a half inches long.

...a small covered serving dish or casserole-about 7" across.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just catching up with some photos...

A friend ordered these for a gift to someone who raises goats. The cups are large, and the plates have room for a snack. They are earthenware.

During July I was the featured artist at the Cypress Gallery in Lompoc, which means that I could display whatever I wanted in the front end of the gallery.  I sent press releases w/pics to publications near here, etc. Here are some pictures I took of the show:

Here are my signs, seen through the front window-couldn't avoid the reflection.

Same story...
The piece in the middle portrays numbers one through 6, made by loops of clay.

The name of this is "There's always more"; 2 of the pieces move on the rods, so it's interactive. It sold during the show, but the buyer left it up for the duration of the show.

This is titled "Coming or Going?"  The pieces are mounted on 3/4 inch risers.

the east wall in the gallery

 I call this "Something from nothing"; it's about the negative space.  The piece on the right is
"Close one eye and it's you", because the face is a mirror, and the viewer is in the artwork.

I like making these pressmolded leaf pieces- The space for glaze is deep enough to hold a lot of glaze. I pour in one color, then wait until it dries and flakes, then add at least one more glaze. You get a nice variegated effect.

The south wall of the gallery. I meant to go there at night to get better pictures, but didn't get to it.

I had fun making the Welcome sign, but apparently nobody wanted it for their front door. People did enjoy my flattened beach ball.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here are several pots from a firing about a week ago. The large pot has a glaze that a friend gave me in the form of big dried chunks. I reconstituted it, and think it's not bad.

This is a 14" platter.  The purple stain in the flowers burned out and left just these ghostly flowers, and the copper stems and leaves got more blurry than I like, also. So I put it in a local art show anyway, and called it "Phantom Flowers". I do like how the edge stripes got wavy-because I put brush strokes of a flux mixture on the edge before striping.

These are shaving scuttles. Had never heard of them, until a grandson requested one. There is a great video on YouTube on how to make these, by Dirty Bird Pottery...worth watching.

Kind of lame decoration, but the glaze colors are nice. It's about 11"x3".

I hand-hammered these links, which I got by cutting up a sterling one piece choker. The links are made of sterling wire, in a figure 8 shape. It's currently in the Spring show at our local art gallery.