Monday, July 20, 2009

Here are 3 views of my space at the Lompoc Flower Festival Arts & Crafts show, held in Ryon Park. I have had this space, just inside the main gate, for many years.

There are a lot more vendors, along several walkways; this picture shows just a few. There is a bandstand (thankfully, not too close to me!) and people gather on the lawn to hear music and eat goodies from all the food booths. There is also a beer tent. The town puts together a pretty good parade, and people come streaming into the park after that. In another building in town, there is a judged flower show-it also attracts folks . Tour buses take people out to the countryside to see the flower fields, then drop them off at the park.

I just realized I never posted pictures of the earthenware pieces I got from the last low-firing before the Flower Festival Arts/Crafts show. This platter is about 14" in diameter. It sold quickly (flowers, ya know!)
I didn't pull standard handles for these mugs- instead I threw a small cylinder and cut rings, which I then cut away a piece of and attached. I don't think it's something I'll do often. I did like the blue porcelain slip on the dark earthenware, with clear glaze over it.

Trying to fill the kiln, I single-fired these two. No dipping, all brushed on slip and clear glaze.

The one on the left is another single fired piece.

The left one is also single fired. The color is applied over the white slip, then clear glaze next, just a thin coating.