Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rutile wash over high iron glaze This vase was glazed with what I am calling "Bad Touchtone" (the batch prior to the latest one) and I purposely gave it just a quick dip, and got a very deep brown/black. Just what I wanted, as a base for this rutile, titanium, and GB wash (recipe from Clayart) which generally adds life wherever you put it, and would, I knew from previous tests, do a sort of nutmeg almost crystal looking effect with slow cooling. The marks are made with a slice of hickory nut.


thomas said...

I looked for but could not locate a recipe for a rutile wash with gerstley on clayart. Could you share it and do you put it over your glaze? What temperature range?

Ann said...

I guess this is the only way I can reply to you?
The ingredients are: 300 gr. Gerstley Borate, 40 g Rutile, 10 Titanium. Add water until it's thinner than glaze. Use cautiously at first as it will give movement, and too much on a vertical surface might cause runs.

Ann said...

Oh, yes, I brush it over a glaze in selected areas. Cone 6-8 is what I fire.