Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here is a BUG which showed up the other night on our front porch: It is about an inch and a half long. It's a Jerusalum beetle-don't know it's scientific name. Nice color, eh?


potterboy said...

That's fantastic - we have no really large 'bugs' in the UK - a few moths and butterflies and the odd beetle but nothing like this. Beautiful. I believe, though, it's a type of cricket as opposed to being a beetle - Stenopelmatus fuscus.

Anyway - you responded to my pot pictures - I've responded to your response :) I have had an encouraging evening trying a few things people suggested, and things have gone quite well. Thank you for your encouraging comments - it's nice to know the community is there when one needs help.


Captain Tripps said...

That is one bigass bug...I hate those things. You know the bug is too big when you run over it with a truck and can audibly HEAR the bug crunching...thats just bad times. I have a blog now...shhhh...don't tell anybody! :P