Thursday, November 02, 2006

OCTOBER 31ST STONEWARE FIRING These tops were thrown off the hump. The low wide ones work the best.
The specks are volcanic material from Alturas CA
Experimenting with handles: when I start making a mug, I first throw a loop which will be the handle. It was used whole on the yellow mug, and cut first on the center one. For the cup on the right, I threw a small column, and cut it off leaving a pad of clay to attach to a quite wet cup. I impressed a pattern to attach the pad.
More thrown loop handles. The glaze is Laguna's "Italian Straw". of the few purchased glazes I have here.
This piece is about 8" wide, by 6" high.
13" wide...the blue glaze is a mixture of misc blues I had here.
Odds 'n ends...I mixed 2 iron reds together, and it's not very red. I should have cooled down a little slower for this one.
about 13"

9" wide-

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