Sunday, March 18, 2007

The following fifteen pictures are of a stoneware glaze firing last week. These cups are small, espresso size. They measure 2 and 3/4 inches each way. I'm not too knowledgeable about sizes; I like plain coffee in a normal size mug, but one day I felt like throwing small cups. I made this set and the 4 cups directly below them. They are slightly taller.These three mugs are 5 inches high. The bluish areas are Death Valley slip applied when leatherhard, and the creme glaze turned the reddish slip this nice color, with good variation. Odds 'n ends: I made a salt pig, after reading about them on the Clayart discussion group. Will buy a small wooden spoon for it. The small teapots hold one cup.
This bowl is nearly ten inches in diameter. The glaze is Laguna's "Italian Straw" . The dish below is 8 inches in diameter. The glaze is one I've been tweaking to get the blue I want, which was inspired by a picture in Smithsonian magazine of Blue-footed's legs are this amazing blue! So this glaze is called BFBFB (blue-footed booby foot blue)

About 10" diam....a different blue, shinier too
My creme glaze with volcanic ash bits.

Touchtone Red, (belabored in earlier posts). Not as red as should be; I think I went too hot.
A blue I got from a friend- pretty vivid!
Touchtone red (not)...refires; the first time they had misc. blemishes.

More touchtone red. Turns navy where thin.

About ten inches across.

12 inches diameter. I put yellow flowers on this plate; they faded.

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cate said...

I love the blue cup set (of 4). They turned out very nice. I think they would make great cappuccino cups - perfect size! Everything is lovely... I especially like the platter with the flowers that didn't turn yellow. It is still beautiful, and the subtlety of the colors goes well with the background of the platter.