Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here are some earthenware pots I fired this past week.
The piece is 10"x7" experiment. Not sure if I like it.

This is a double-walled vessel; 8" in diameter.

Vase is unglazed on outside (lt. blue slip) and 8" high.

This one is 7" in diameter.

This low bowl is 13"x3". Don't even try to identify the flowers.

Small poppy plates, about 3 and a half inches across. There were four, but one broke when I dropped it while unloading the kiln (there was a hole in my glove).

These ladles are kind of fun to make; the bowls are 3 in. in diameter.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Hi, Ann,
I did drop in this am but before you put up the new, very interesting pots! Thanks for your good wishes! I'll be in touch. Gay

Gini's Stuff said...

I assumed that darling one at the top was meant to be strictly ornamental ..... until I read the "double-walled" phrase at the bottom. There must be a real trick to doing that because I can't quite picture how you go about it. You are sooo productive!