Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The low-fire firing I did about 4 days ago was a mixture of earthenware bisque, glaze firing, and glaze re-fires. This first pot below was a re-fire and it's done now. It's about 6" in diameter. The exterior of this was much greener the after it's first glaze firing- I did go somewhat hotter than usual and some of the color burned out. It's about 9" in diameter.
Here is a baking dish, about 11 inches across. The color is from copper, and from Mason turquoise stain, plus some Zircopax.

This glaze is the same base, but a little more copper, and no Mason stain. I do have the amounts written down, if anyone wants to know...

Ah ha, this cachepot was not especially improved by refiring. (see picture below from previous firing) I DID wax the leaves and flowers and pour some creme colored glaze over the exterior, hoping for contrast, but I guess not enough, because it barely shows. And the refired leaves faded to a weird color. Not quite how I pictured it. But someone will like it, I hope.

This is the new blue- same base glaze, but colored with cobalt. It's a nice clean blue- I like it.

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