Thursday, April 30, 2009

I made buttons...rolled a thin slab, punched the circles with brass tubes of varied sizes, then impressed them with a seed pod I have here. The larger ones are an inch and an eighth in size, and the smaller ones are about 7/8ths of an inch. The backs are not glazed, but are sanded smooth.


aims said...

My brother sent me the link to your blog from Clayart.

Being a knitter - handmade buttons are quite special. I'd easily pay $3 a button - but I did like the gentleman's suggestion of turning them into earrings. I've just taken up jewelry making and earrings would be quite lovely out of these.

Have looked at all your posts this morning and loved your pottery. My brother is a potter and that has made me quite aware of others.

I can see why your pieces sell. They are delightful.

Ann said...

Thanks for writing! I'm glad you like my work. Knitting is an art too, especially if you are a patient person. I've knitted some sweaters and afghans in the past, but not very detailed things. Another clayarter suggested looking on for buttons, and wow, if you want to see buttons....! Ann