Friday, June 19, 2009

These are from my latest stoneware firing, cone 7/8 oxidation. The three pots below are a series of covered jars- a customer ordered, and helped design an urn. She ended up taking the two smaller ones, the 2nd & 3rd pictured. The top one is almost 11 inches in height. These pots were all thrown upside down, then I inverted them and finished throwing the top parts.

This ten inch tall vase was started upside down on the wheel, inverted the next day and then the top was finished off.

These guys are about 9" long. I made them on the wheel, sort of coke-bottle shape to start, and shaped the bodies while quite wet, added legs!

Our daughter Karen made the coil cup.

This bowl is 8" in diameter. I wanted the exterior bare, but fluxed a little and have done this before with soda ash. This time I brushed on some liquid dishwasher soap-seems to work about the same. ...The iron oxide became fixed to the surface, slightly satiny.

These are 5 inch tall jars. Will go looking through my cork collection to see if any of them fit.

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ayamesan said...

Those urns are really beautiful, Ann. Love the leaves attached. Good size, and lovely glaze, too.
That ll" vase below them is pretty, too. Must have been fun to do.
You are very prolific and I think that's wonderful. Makes for a happy person.