Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The following 8 pictures are of pots from my latest glaze firing, on Sunday August 2, 2009. These little bottles are a commission; they will hold about 4 oz. of fruit-enhanced rum....a nice little Christmas present, eh? I made a few extra ones.

This platter is almost 14" in diameter. It was singlefired, everything brushed on, and it worked better than the other times I've tried it.
I made these potatoes because I have a glaze that I knew would work. They are wheel-thrown, and have a jingle inside.

Next time I won't have them on the bottom of the kiln where it's a bit hotter, to avoid that slight sheen. Well, my mother in law used to rub her baking potatoes with oil before baking, so we'll say that's what happened here!
A seven inch wide celedon bowl.

...a 12 inch plate, and bowl with the same glaze.

These were an order too-they are 8" wide individual chip 'n dips.


Sister Creek Potter said...

The potatoes are incredible! I like the other pieces a lot too but those potatoes!

Ann said...

Thanks, Gay--good to hear from you. I will go look at your blog.Ann