Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some pots from my latest firing: This is a hanging lamp I was asked to make to replace a broken one. Theirs was terra cotta, but I am temporarily out of earthenware clay, so made it of Death Valley high fire clay. It's about 12" tall.
This one is the same size, but I tried a symmetrical arrangement of holes.

I played around with the idea and made a few others before throwing the "replica". About 9 inches high.

The bottom of this one warped out of round, so I will keep it or give it away.

The vase is 9" tall. I may reglaze & refire this one- it doesn't look like much to me this way. In earlier posts I have some cups & saucers and other things, where I have put Death Valley slip on white clay, then used this same translucent white glaze over it, and the slip turns navy to black, depending on how thick the glaze is. So when I used the glaze over Death Valley clay itself, I expected a totally different result than what I got here. The answer must be that there is something else in my "Death Valley Slip". Must do some tests.

Here I threw white stoneware with bars of Death Valley inserted. More contrast would have been nice. Maybe I'll ask Laguna if they are using less RIO in their Death Valley clay lately.

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