Sunday, March 27, 2011

I did a glaze firing a few days ago, so here are the results: The pot below is 13" tall. I need to think of a name for it, as I will enter it in a show tomorrow. That would be the Cypress Gallery Spring Show, a judged show. The bowl is about 9" in diameter.
I like the top view of this pitcher.
I got a fair iron red on this pitcher, but still not quite what I was hoping for.
These were made for the local Empty Bowls charity event.
Six porcelain cups. I made them quite thin and light....good thing, as they hold 12 oz. Not sure why I made them so large. My favorite cup for coffee only holds 8 oz.
Fun arranging cups...
These are 4" plates, for dipping sauces, or ? I like 3 of them, the other two not so much.
The impressions on the larger bowl are made by using the edge of a peach pit.

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