Saturday, September 17, 2011

Below are some pots from a glaze firing earlier this month. There were 2 of these birdbaths in the firing- both sold at the studio tour on Sept. 10. ..guess I will make more of these. It's a dark green glaze on buff stoneware, with white and cobalt applied for variation. The tallest bell is almost 11" high. This picture was taken before I installed the clappers, which are beads at the end of a chain. The chain is secured by a bead at the top of the handle.

This one is about 9x9 and a half inches. It doesn't have a clapper, but will be struck with a mallet. It has a nice tone.

I made two of this smaller size, also without clappers. Their tone is somewhat higher pitched than the larger one.

The larger bowls are about 6" in diameter.

This was fun to do...

Misc. stuff. Am not sure how I'll use the beads. They are thrown on the wheel. The blue dish on the right will get a handle- maybe bent pussy-willow branch.

...two 7" bowls.

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Unknown said...

I love the bird bath. Especially the stick. I'd like to be lids with such a stck for my square boxes.