Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here are several pots from a firing about a week ago. The large pot has a glaze that a friend gave me in the form of big dried chunks. I reconstituted it, and think it's not bad.

This is a 14" platter.  The purple stain in the flowers burned out and left just these ghostly flowers, and the copper stems and leaves got more blurry than I like, also. So I put it in a local art show anyway, and called it "Phantom Flowers". I do like how the edge stripes got wavy-because I put brush strokes of a flux mixture on the edge before striping.

These are shaving scuttles. Had never heard of them, until a grandson requested one. There is a great video on YouTube on how to make these, by Dirty Bird Pottery...worth watching.

Kind of lame decoration, but the glaze colors are nice. It's about 11"x3".

I hand-hammered these links, which I got by cutting up a sterling one piece choker. The links are made of sterling wire, in a figure 8 shape. It's currently in the Spring show at our local art gallery.

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