Sunday, October 30, 2016

Drip Tests

These 4 pictures show a test I did in a glaze firing.  I made 2 pots, bisqued them and applied a glaze after waxing the bottoms and top rims. They were fired in the position of the pot on the right, showing dried glaze flakes in 3 colors, intended to melt during the firing.
This one worked fine,  Looks like I held the kiln temp. for about the right amount of time for the glaze to run down all the way.  Notice the little bumps of glaze on the drip ring, where they solidified when the heat was lowered.

This one had a problem: some of the holes in the drip ring were too close to the edge of the pot, and glaze had glued it to the pot.  So this picture shows how I set it up to refire, expecting the drip ring to drop onto the round clay slab, as the glaze re-melted.  

It worked!  the drip ring dropped down. However, the glazes now ran the opposite way, and too far- past the foot of the pot. I want to keep them, however, so will make some kind of a base for the pot. Meanwhile, this glass ashtray supports the pot as a temporary base.

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