Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New pottery pictures below, but first 2 views of my amaryllis, blooming like mad. It was a Christmas gift, and I'm enjoying it all this time.
Finally did a glaze firing this week-earthenware this time. Here are some pictures. Am not showing the ones that need to be refired...either because they have some blemishes, or are boring and will get some added decoration.

10" diam.
about 11" in diam.9
This one is 14" in diam.



Sister Creek Potter said...

Welcome back, Ann. I've missed you and had started to worry about you! I would love to know how you apply your flowers to your bowls. They are nice!

Ann said...

Hi Gay, I just noticed your comment today...I've been running in place here (my life, I mean) and hadn't even looked at my blog. The flowers are overglaze painting with an orange glaze, copper carb. for the stems & leaves. I also do some outlining with RIO. It's always hard to tell how strong an iron mixture is, so there is some variation. Thanks for writing-I hope you get this! Let me know if Blogger notifies you, ok?