Monday, June 23, 2008

I guess this will be a conversation piece at my booth at the Flower Festival Arts & Crafts show this weekend! Maybe I'll put a hang tag on it that says "See-it ain't all easy!" You can bet I'll be extra careful attaching handles in the future....although I've never had this happen before, in over 25 years of firing.

The exterior on this mug has a thinned earthenware slip, from some clay my grandsons in Idaho found for me. Albany slip, but lighter in color.

The slip here is Death Valley clay from Laguna; applied thinly, it's brown under my light glaze- thicker application turns a rich purplish blue.

I fired this vase on it's side, with dried glaze bits piled on top. The other side stuck to it's stilts and to the protective clay slab, so I'm thinking of something imaginative to do to the chipped off spots.

This iron red bowl was yuck brown the first time it was fired...better now.

...about 15 inches across, with carving in slip.

The bowl above is 14" in diameter. The Death Valley clay slip was applied when the bowl was leather hard.

The pitcher is a refire; was supposed to be pink with spots! I guess at ^8 the pink burned out. The cup below has Death Valley clay slip with two figures quickly carved into the slip.

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