Sunday, June 15, 2008

These pots below are from a firing the last week in May. Cone 8 oxidation.

A ten inch plate. I think this is a sweet blue, from copper carb. Usually copper will go greener, but with this particular glaze, I'm getting a light blue.
This bowl is 10x4. See the chatter marks?
...just a tumbler, with a wash at the rim (same as the one described below the yellow bowl)
An 11" dish, about 1 and a half inch in height.

A nine inch bowl. The whitish areas are a wash (Gerstley Borate, rutile, titanium) I applied streaks of it over the yellow glaze thinking to alter the copper stripe.
This is actually a small bowl, about 8 inches in diameter.
This is a pizza stone requested by a friend, and the sandwich plates complete the dinnerware set shown in previous posts.

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