Friday, May 18, 2012

May 14th 2012 glaze firing

Two bowls and a small plate. The large bowl and the plate have the same creme glaze on them, but the bowl is made of a buff clay. Quite a difference.  The spots are from added grains of volcanic material.

 I intended to put cup handles on all these, but changed my mind.  They are just 5" front to back and almost that tall.

 I took this picture before the handle is glued in. Now I'm thinking of making the handle of some copper tubing instead, not sure.
 A 13" bowl.
 A double walled carved and pierced vase, only about 9" in diameter. It was thrown upside down.
Here's something to show I don't post only the successful pots!  This is a wall sculpture about 13" in diameter that I accidentally broke while cleaning up the glaze: (see the cracked spots?) I made 2 clay shims and placed them so as to keep the section upright, and fired it anyway. It won't go into the upcoming show at the museum, but I'll hang it here to remind me to try again.
 These are for some friends' beach house- they will be mounted all in one row on a weathered driftwood plank they found. Perspective is off here because the 1145 is vertical and the rest horizontal in the picture.
 These 2 plates are for a friend who ordered them- she likes to do easy-bake dinners on them. I need to get some lessons on that.

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