Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tall vase

Since the wormtower (see below) was going to require me to use a stack of only half shelves in the kiln, I decided to make another tall thing to fill the space available next to the worm tower. I made a form using a heavy cardboard cylinder, with short kiln posts duct taped to one end to form corners, and after a layer of linoleum and paper, wrapped and joined the clay slab. I then added a thrown top and handles. To make the carving on both sides, I inverted the design of the handles. I got a printed pattern from taking a picture of the vase, enlarging it and cutting out the pattern.
My thought in adding the white slip coating before firing was that any glaze would appear brighter over the white areas. As it happened, it would have with some glazes but not the one I chose! wasn't transparent enough. Oh well!
After the glaze firing, a line became visible where the thrown top was added, so I added the cord. I actually think it's a good touch anyway.

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