Saturday, July 05, 2014

Worm tower.

This is about 22 inches tall; it is a worm tower I made at the request of a customer...never had heard of such a thing before! It will be buried in her garden to a point past the holes, (it has no bottom), then she will keep adding kitchen scraps. As they compost, the worms come to the holes, feed and digest, etc, improving the soil.  She had seen them made of PVC pipes, but wanted something more organic looking, also somewhat absorbent. I don't have earthenware on hand at the moment, so used a buff stoneware, textured with a press mold I have, added a stain and fired it to bisque temp. only 

For any interested potters, this illustrates what I used to make the worm tower: I wrapped linoleum around my coffee can form, then several layers of paper to allow room for the clay to shrink. I made a big slab, wrapped and joined it, then applied texture. My little bark press mold was made from a jacaranda tree.  The lid was the last thing. It exactly fit into my Skutt 1027 after it was dry.

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