Monday, May 28, 2007

"3d Yin-Yang" is the name of this stoneware sculpture. It is suspended, to enable it to slowly rotate, as seen in these three pictures. It is about 12" diam.

This concept has interested me for a while, and I have made several copper tubing pieces which are essentially the circumfirence of the stoneware one. Here are three views of one, below. It's fascinating to watch the shape change as the piece rotates. A slight breeze on our patio is enough to make it turn.


Michael Mahan said...

I like the yin yang pot.
I'll trade a wind bell for a yin yang.
down near the bottom of the page:


Ann said...

Michael- I just now saw your comment and offer about my yin yang sculpture. Blogspot used to e-mail me when I had comments, but I guess they don't any more-I should look at my settings....
This is the only one I've made of this shape, so I will keep it until/unless I make some more. It was pretty tricky to do-during the drying stage I supported it by pouring vermiculite all around it. I went to your website and liked your work, including the bells (nice tones).