Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The pots in this post are all from a firing last week. (oxidation, cone 7)

...2 views of a departure from "round". -about 12" diam.
The next 5 photos show the use of a slip of Death Valley Clay from Laguna, applied at the leatherhard stage. I'm getting color variations from brown to blue and lavender. The covering glaze is a creme color with specks of volcanic ash from northern California.The bowls are 9-10 inches in diameter. The plate is 10.5".Nine inches in diameter. The creme glaze doesn't show off the carving too well.This pot is 7 inches high.

Six inches high.
These cups were from my last firing, but I decided to make saucers for them, so they reappear here.
The tops of these sets were all dipped in the creme glaze.
The coffeepot is 7" in height.

This is a glaze test of something called "Old Seto Yellow"...didn't work for me, obviously! It has only 3 ingredients: feldspar, ash, & yellow ochre. The little sample piece is only an inch & a half in diam- I used the macro setting to take the picture. You can see a few specks that are y. ochre color.

...a small pitcher w/ meander design, 5.5" in height. This one is 8" in diam.

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