Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've posted pictures of a show of works by members of the Lompoc Sculptors Guild, which is installed at the Grossman Gallery, adjacent to the Lompoc Library, for the month of October 2007. We have ten members, and quite a variety of styles and use of materials. We called this show "Wall Art" because we were given the restriction of "no pedestals". The gallery is also a multi-purpose room for the library, and they said everything had to go on the walls. After a little moaning and joking about calling the show "2.5d"....we all managed to come up with pieces for the wall. Below is the graphic designed by a member, G.R. Stroup, for the posters and invitation cards. ...a welded aluminum piece by Eric Morlan, at the entry of the gallery
...during our reception October 6

This is the west wall of the galleryArtwork by Judy Clifford, G.R. Stroup, Dee Frasher ...a tile piece by Noreen LaPointe, metal piece by Ron Barrows, and a slate and aluminum piece by Eric Morlan
Masks incorporating gourds by Dee Frasher

This is the east wall with pieces (l to r) by G.R. Stroup, Carol Moore's soft sculptures, Eric Morlan , my 18" platter, Dee Frasher, Judy Clifford.

This is by G.R. (Rocky) Stroup

...a soft sculpture by Carol Moore, my flat teapot, which was the first thing I decided to make when hearing we were having only wall art, and a welded metal piece by Ron Barrows.
...a larger view of "Fanciful Teapot". I made the shadow box of redwood, to keep it light.Pieces by Judy Clifford, Ron Barrows, Noreen LaPointe....a ceramic piece by Noreen LaPoint, soft sculpture by Carol Moore ...a grouping of my related "meander" pieces. The framed one is a beach ball, cut along a meandering line, creating two puzzle pieces.

The white pieces are by Judy Clifford, and the ceramic one is by Noreen LaPointe.

...ceramic and driftwood by Dee FrasherWe also were given the use of a glass cabinet in the main body of the library, where we placed "pedestal pieces". It all looks confusing in the picture-not bad in actuality.

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