Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Walter, our new dog. He was left at the local animal shelter with a note written in a child's handwriting, saying: "I'm a fox terrier, DOB 7-24-06, Good dog, just not with young kids. Housebroken. Love to run, play fetch, and car rides." We have had him almost two weeks and are enjoying him. He is not an indiscriminate barker, he actually comes when you call him, and sleeps all night outside of our bedroom, in his dog bed. He will sit on command, and expects a little treat for it.
Our previous dog was Jack, a smooth fox terrier, and Walter looks quite a bit like him, but doesn't have quite the right shape of head, or the perky stance that Jack I don't think he is 100% fox terrier, but he has a good disposition, seems to care about pleasing us, and has figured out how to get us to play with him.

I think he likes living here.

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